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The operating environment in China

As per researchers findings, Chinese medium to small sized companies are main business actors in Chinese business market, but the capital market in China at present is still extraordinary poor of choices. Banks are controlled by government authorities; private investors are asking crazy interest rate, agents are not reliable, historical style of Chinese is saving and keeping cash in bank for earn small interest. Investment habit has big gap between chinese and western people. Medium sized companies has well-know products brand in the market, stable growth, and increasing demand from the market bring them facing difficulties to meet the requests from customers. They are facing a neck of limited fund to support their expansion. Increasingly, Chinese companies have been seeking listing on The Stock Exchange of overseas.

Regarding to world reputation of Chinese fake accounting issues, as from our understanding those are not the problem made by real business principals , but those agents have done bad jobs. In fact, most of actually business principals are escaping from those agents who asking them for make fake accounting, as they said, they developed their business just like their baby, they are not willing to put themselves in the worst case for fake accounting. Therefore, with our overseas experiences and international accounting firm experiences, Eden Hall Global Capital is here to changing Chinese financing concepts and show people there is a world they can find mutual support and benefits to each other.

With lack of  professional agents with knowledge for international accounting and Sec regulations, China currently facing a problem of agents made mistakes and done bad works on behalf of Chinese companies and then brought clients to overseas exchange market, resulting bad reputation to investors side. Eden Hall Global Capital has staffs are trained by partners, and partners also spend time to train clients to follow foreign market rules, at least do the best efforts to make things right than bad reputations in the market for past years.

Great clients resources of 

Eden Hal Global Capital

Our clients database is continuingly growing at great speed

• We have established good relationship with government authorities in most of the provinces around China . For competition reason, local governments are encouraging growing companies to expand and to do public listings for their reputation, So we always have great amount of projects keep coming to us.

• Business world is a channel, with our international standardized services, each enjoyable client further bring us huge amount of good clients.

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