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Message from the Managing Partners

Our advantages are understanding Chinese markets and western market rules, we have both Chinese and US accounting GAAP knowledge and have knowledge about Sec 1933,1934 and also knowledge about SOX.  we have been consultant of several agent to help their US listed companies for translation between their CFOs and US auditors, we totally understand the reason of their failures are not following western market rules. They acting in Chinese style which really not formal to overseas, thus can not work for long term. we started to think about our business from that time.


Our business is great since we started, as a result of our previous background and respectable services provided to companies around China. Now we have great relationship with many government authorities throughout China, they bring us good projects for financing and to be listed in overseas stock market. we also got good projects from existing clients, and also clients like to deal with us, because we are acting in different ways compare than other consultants. Therefore we have stable and trustable relationship with clients.


We are with our clients at least more than half year, we give then advice for keeping all real accounting records and put in good order and filed as international standard format. Thus we have confidence about them.


On the other hand, currently we are looking for more investors behind us to work with us as long term partnership, then we can bring our projects to them at timely basis.  Of course, investors can have good opportunities to choose and we also got encourages our business sustainable growth.

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